Orgasmic Heart rate monitor

With the contradictions of our oversexed  society, it’s no wonder about 12% of women in recent studies admit to never achieving an orgasm. Although having a confused sexual partner never helps, it takes two to tango. There are many women that simple aren’t sure how to achieve orgasm. There are many reason to this misfortune e.g., guilt, performance anxiety, not feeling sexy, etc.

I devised a simple system that could potential help a few women understand their excitement level more. The basic scheme is a heart monitor that sends information via Bluetooth to a pleasuring apparatus with various intensities in vibration. The monitor measures the heart rate in BPMs and as the user gets excited her hear rate will increase. The increase in heart rate will trigger the apparatus to increase vibration. But if there is a decrease in heart rate there will be a decrease in vibration. So in theory, with different exercises (concentration/lack of concentration,) the user can figure out what works for her. This idea is based off the notion that the women feels more physical pleasure with increase in vibration. Positive reinforcements through sexual pleasure hopefully will help condition her psychological and physiological response to sex and orgasm.

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