Week 2 Reading

“Cybernetics”, Katherine Hayles

  • Cybernetics, coined by Norbert Wiener, flourished from 1940 to 1970 only to lose momentum and fade away.
  • Feedback loop was eventually implemented in the modern concept of information.
  • Many Concepts revolved around the animal and machine.
  • Han Moravec  theorizes that the human brain is an informational pattern that can be representing in any medium which was helped conceived with the help from the Shannon-Wiener information theory defining information as a function of message possibilities
  • Three part progression: 1. homeostasis, disembodied information, and self-regulation; 2. Bringing the observer inside the system (autopoietic); 3. Humans and animals are no less than cybernetic mechanisms because the have capacity to sore, transmit and process information.
  • Feedback loop joined with a quantitative definition of information
  • An idea of a theoretical framework of humans animals and machines through analyzing control and communication.
  • Contemporary media studies would not be far s they are without cybernetics

“New Ontologies”, Andrew Pickering

  • Pickering compares the detached Abstractionist Mondrian and The engaged William de Kooning
  • He describes  de Kooning as “a joint product of the human and nonhuman”.
  • Mondrian on the other had represents a sort of temporarily.
  • Pickering argues the process of the human and non-human, by the all correct science is a decentering process.
  • Cybernetics brings consciousness through a decent red and temporized ontology brings benefits.

Don’t give up! Media art as an endless conversational process

  • Contemporary media art production is based on the productive action itself which in reaction propagates our comprehension of the matter.
  • Autopoiesis coined by Humberto Maturana opens up the idea of self-creation.
  • The Don’t give up! Art project is an interactive installation that mediates conflict between interaction with the observer and the interactive system.
  • Don’t give up! involved a creative technical process that when analyzed  in the realm of autopoiesis could be experienced by its boundaries, recursion, autonomy and adaptability.
  • In the case of Don’t give up!, recursion cannot be achieved with positive feedback that amplifies sounds, but with unconstrained animations with pre-rendered video and a dynamic space would recursion in interaction.
  • Structural, relational, and the critical levels, help conversationalize the production of experimental activity, and production.
  • Media art connections with micro and macro level productions stability or lack thereof of social structures despite individual baseis, and to be complemented by variability, creativity and innovation.


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