Chess as a complex system

I chose to show the complexity of a chess game through simple motion graphics. Fist having recording the data with my dear friend Marina, taking a photo directly above of every move then I complied it Photoshop to create a stop frame animation of the game. This would be used as a template to animate the individual square. White is colored with yellow and black with blue. Each capture of a piece is depicted with the color red.

Besides visualizing the movements, I decided to assign a musical  note to each square. Since there’s 64 squares at 8×8, I thought it would perfect make each row an octave. I created my own sound in a synthesizer and edited the audio in Ableton live.  Instead of hitting every note that each piece passed over  (like I did with the visualization), I enabled A glide function hitting the first and last note in the sequence.

Stop frame

Chess synth

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