Metacreation – Mitchell Whitelaw


  • Living sculpture Klein describes as “a body of ongoing projects that endeavors to forge an evolving autonomous art”. “they incorporate some of our understanding of the principles that govern life.”
  • Rinaldo believes technology is taking on more organic, naturally occurring models.
  • Demers and Vorn’s work seem to be more focused on theatrical environment rather that an emphasis as a system as did their predecessors.
  • Simon Penny’s Petit exhibited less attributes of a system and more of a subjectivity with it’s interaction with humans.
  • Instead of focusing conceptually on emergence, Gabriel played with autonomous behavior of his robots to create unity.
  • “The singular transcendent subject is unpacked into a network of interacting microagencies; consciousness appears not as an ineffable essence of subjectivity but as an epiphenomenon, another emergent property of evolution’s engineering; the body here is not simply a vehicle for the self but forms the self in its interaction with the world and other bodies.”

Abstract Machines

  • Creative reconfiguration of the uncoupling of a-life’s central analogy was important un both figure and mechanism.
  • Browns practice was ideal in the way he adapted Cellular automata as logic rather than visual.
  • Using visual representation based CA, Draves based his work on Conway’s “The game of life”, utilizing Bomb, for his graphic algorithmic interactions.
  • In Breed two basic a-life forms are hybridized with Cellular automaton and genetic algorithms.
  • Biotica failed at becoming a virtual biochemistry where self-replicating structures would spontaneously form out of the non-living.
  • Human cellular Automation – human version of Conway’s game of life used humans with papers representing on and off switches. Fuller states’ that the project was “networked, communication and aware of itself.”

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