Interactive Augmented Sculpture

For the rest of the semester I will focus on interactivity with Microsoft’s motion sensing input device–the Kinect. The Kinect is a sophisticated sensor that can track specific gestures in 3D space with an infrared laser projector. Along with its depth sensor, it sports a RGB camera, a multi-array microphone with voice recognition capabilities and a motorized pivot.

Using the Synapse software developed by Ryan Challinor, I will be able to interface the kinect with software programs like Max MSP, Abelton Live and Quartz Composer.

I will build a sculpture out of old records which I would then paint white. This sculpture will essentially be the “screen” to the animation I will create with Animation programs like After Effects and Cinema 4d. Using the Syphon framework coupled with Madmapper, a 3d mapping application, I will geometrically map the image to the sculpture, augmenting it.

Using the Kinect, feedback will be created in the form of manipulation of audio and visual information. I will try to harmonize these to mediums by adding similar attributes to the feedback. For instance, assigning variable x to rate on both audio and visual in z space will potentially create a synchronous effect making the feedback more cohesive.







Max MSP?

Quartz Composer?

After Effects

Cinema 4d


MadMapper w syphon



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