week 7 readings

Interactivity and Agency in Real Time Systems

  • “We are now in transition from an object-oriented to a systems-oriented  culture. Here changes emanate not from things, but from the way things are done.” – Burnham
  • “Nature of the art object is a function of the social-relational matrix in which it is embedded” – Gell
  • Both saw art as processes; doing.
  • Participation and interactivity are interchanged words
  • Participation implicates political stances, thereby forcing analysis of differences in art and life.
  • “Doing theories of art sift the focus from the aesthetics of art objects to the aesthetics of relationships, between people and their environments.
  • Responsive systems include dialogue between human and computer systems which leaves the view object dichotomy.
  • Network art promotes interactivity, process, characterized by realtime, interdependency , emergence and flux.
  • Interactivity can be seen as the artist concealing, and the user revealing.
  • Many works are erogenous ly label interactive when in reality they are reactionary pieces consisting of one feedback loop.

A comment, a case history and a plan – Gordon Pask


  • The human conceptualizes and abstracts the surrounding environments.
  • Humans drive towards a goals at number of hierarchical structures with formulation.
  • Aesthetic actives of man include: Organizing a symbolic environment, writing  a prescription of a work of art, performance, and simply enjoying art.
  • Musicolour, a system of reactive and adaptive aesthetical potent environments involving synchronization of audio and visual.
  • Colloquy of mobiles allowed reactive and adaptive environments to learn with each other with the possibility of the human element to manipulate a mode of communication.

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