Final Project Proposal

So far with my research I’ve been able to get Synapse communicating with the Kinect via Max. I ran a patch called Kinect BeatWheel created by Ryan Challinor who is also the creator of Synapse. I’ve found that synapse is a bit glitchy on my machine. Occasionally it will freeze and improper lighting we make for a difficult time linking our bodies with the Kinect. In order for the Kinect to recognize that there is a human body in front of it, we most raise both arms in the air as if someone pulled a gun on us. When Synapse locates us, each mappable bodypart is separated by a red skeleton. Now it’s ready to run the patch. BeatWheel allows us to manipulate a sample of audio while it slices it based on the parameters we set. In circular fashion, the direction we point corresponds to a section of the sample as if our hand was a needle and BeatWheel was the record. Through moving at various speeds and and pointing in different sections were able create a live audio performance; though our ears would benefit with a little practice on timing.


Kinect BeatWheel


Secondly I have a mock up of what I may create for the sculpture aspect of my project. Like I said, I was thinking in working with old records. In C4D, I’ve modeled something which seems to be taking the form of a flower. After I am done with the physical model, I will paint it a matte white for ultimate light absorption. Using Madmapper I will geometrically map imagery created in After Effects and Cinema 4D



Lastly, I more or less know what tools I will be using. Instead of explaing it all I’ve created this feedback diagram.



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