Final Final Project Proposal

So pretty much my idea is pretty much the same. utilizing a Kinect motion sensor, in conjunction with various software, I will create a feedback loop having the audience complete the circle. I’ve decided to go more minimal on the sculpture aspect. Here I have a mock up of what it might look like. Ideas for materials are cardboard boxes for the cube and a salad bowl for the half sphere.



The Idea here is to make a 3 dimensional screen for this audio/visual installation. Depending on computer processing I will try to use Ableton live for the audio and Modul8 for the visual. So far ‘ve been able to create a daisy chain of software one communicated with the next to route OSC messages from the kinetic to modul8. I have not yet done so For Ableton live so I am not able to see weather or not my system will be able to handle All those programs running. The software chain has not changed much since the last proposal; running synapse and max to route OSC through OSculaor to modul8.

Ive also been playing with the idea of having the audio also affecting the piece’s visual output being color luminosity etc.

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