Project Update

I have been successful at getting two separate animation to be controlled via Modul8 with two separate sounds in ableton live. I’ve decided it would make more sense if I used a sin wave for the half sphere and a square wave for the square. I’ve been going to flea markets, searching the net, home depot, dollar stores etc to find the materials I needed for the sculpture. I am finding it is rather difficult to find a sphere. Bowls are almost spherical and would work for this project but I’d like to be more round. i was thinking of creating the sphere out of paper mache by molding it on top of my basket ball, adding several layers then sanding it down when it drys. After it is nicely sanded I will spray paint it white. For the square I will simply use a cardboard box.
I will have three separate animations: the sphere, square and the background. I have yet to start the animation process. I will proceed when I finish the physical aspects of the sculpture.  After the animations are finished I will then add the audio.

That is it for now.

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