The sphere

Finding a sphere has been somewhat difficult. I’ve spend days searching for the right piece and yet nothing. I’ve went to target, walgreens, various flea markets around the bay area, party stores, dollars stores, thrifts stores, urban ore and plenty of other locations-nothing. I was thinking of using light fixtures but those are made out of glass and isn’t portable or cheap for that matter.

I finally came to the conclusion that I must take matters into my own hands and build it myself with paper mache. The perfect size would have been a beach ball, but due to the fact that it is winter it proved impossible to find. After searching 10+ stores for this obscure item, I decided to just use a basketball for the base. A bit smaller than desired. After applying about 20 layers of paper with my paper mache mix which consisted of an equal distribution of water and flour, I let it dry next to the heater. The next day I spray painted it white along with my card board box. The cube is a bit bigger. I’m dissatisfied with the size differential but it will have to do.

The piece is partly about balance exemplified by these, more or less, opposite shapes. The spheres curves represent a more organic naturalistic paradigm while the cube is inorganic. I will mount the sculpture with nails and hooks on to the wall. More to come stay tuned.

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