I’ve decided to use Max for live for this project. Ryan Challinor, the creator of synapse, has created some great patches that map parameters to the kinect via OSC. It’s fairly straight forward; Just drop in a Max dial, plug in the appropriate values, and then map it to a parameter in Live. I chose to use Live because there is a lot of flexibility. I seen myself using more of Max for live in the future. Somethings you don’t need to recreate. There’s a sequencer and an endless array of tools I can twist and tweak.

So for the square I decided to use a square wave and a sine for the sphere. I’ve mapped parameters such as, rate, frequency shifts, feedback, panning, with  tools such as reverb, chorus, phasers, EQs, and a few other tools.

I believe I have not quite connected the audio with the visuals for a more cohesive form. This was my first attempt at designing synths for visualizations and I am still learning what goes together. I would have loved to used strictly Max MSP for my audio but I am not yet confident in my abilities in the area to form cohesiveness. It was hard enough listening to different synths tones and daisy chained through various effects. For future projects I will use Max MSP for sure.

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