Interactivity and Agency in Real Time Systems – Jo-Anne Green

‘In the late 1960’s, theorist and critic Jack Burnham wrote,
“we are now in transition from an object-oriented to a
systems-oriented culture. Here, change emanates not from
things, but from the way things are done.”’

I believe this to be true. I believe that the internet has a large role in the creation of contemporary art. More than ever, art collaborations are synthesizing various mediums. They aim to solve the problem of larger scale projects with various skills sets used for creation. Often people from around the world, interestingly never meet, but are able to create art together via the internet. The process is a system in and of itself.

Would it make sense that a system of creators are more likely to output a system of creation?

‘Predicting that digital technologies would become
enmeshed in our everyday activities, Burnham averred that
“(A)n increasing amount of thought will be given to the
aesthetic relationship between ourselves and our computer
environments – whether or not this relationship falls into
the scope of the fine arts.”’

With digital arts popping up all over the internet, a new aesthetic was born. Images purposefully emulating computers in the form of pixelation shows that Burnham was correct. With these systems we are creating, it seems like we are emulating the technology we are using to create with. When the new generation, that is the generation born into this technology induced culture, we will see even a greater influx of this.

If this is the case, will we see are rebellion of sort to this type of art making if it becomes the most popular means of creation, minimized to the analogue world?


The idea of the separation of reactivity and interactivity, redefines the true meaning of interactive art. Right now true interactive art is relatively scarce on the the spectrum of art from now and throughout art history. It quite possibly might even take over as a primary form of high art. Perhaps the new generation will pursue true interaction, being born in this digital age.

If this were to happen, will high art be limited to those who are technically savvy?

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