Operation toy hack

When I found out we were hacking a toy I knew right away what I was going to modify: the operation game which has been sitting outside for the past few years. The game is simple, the players take turns “operatting” or simply using metal tweezers to remove objects from the patients body. The objects are located in slots around the patient. Each slot has some metal that will complete the circuit if touched initiating a light bulb on the patients nose and a motor on the board game.



Initially I wanted to modify the circuit to give a shock to the player who failed at taking out the objects without touching the conductive parts. I then opted for a safer route and decided to add a 1.5 volt vibrating motor that I purchased at radio shack for 3 bucks.


The mod was simple. All I did was tape the ground to the metal chassis and solder the positive lead to the positive end of the conductor where the battery lies. The solder was not adhering to the chassis so I figured tape wouldn’t hurt.  The little vibrating motor was then attached to a wrist band I made out of an old cloth.  The idea to this piece was to heighten the anxiety of “operating”. With the buzzer going off and vibrations to the operating arm the vibrations can startle the player.



Here is a simple schematic of the circuit. The buzzers are wired in parallel and when the tongs make contact with the leads, it completes the circuit sending current into the buzzers.

operation schematic

All and all it was a full little project and my first modification of a toy.

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