Week 5 reads

The Natural Cyborg

There is truth to the idea that we are becoming more and more cyborg. The smart phone with it’s integrated internet connection has gotten us one step closer. Each advancement in technology seems to allude to the idea that humans are synthesizing to the point of a man machine. With devices such as the Google glasses, and EEG devices, it is becoming more of a reality. We are even experimenting with storing data in our DNA


As our technology progresses, so do we presumably. If we are able to store data in DNA, would that make it possible to upload data in our brains one day?

“We humans have always been adept at dovetailing our minds and skills to the shape of our current tools and aids.”

From as early as documented humans have integrated with technology. Whatever it may have been: the telephone, transportation, and even language, if it is something that helped us grow as a species, we eventually adopted it into our everyday lives. This reliance perpetuates the growth of technology; so much so that it changes the way we think, feel and live. In essence, technology has become an extension of ourselves. Will this reliance on technology turn around on us like our reliance on fossil fuels?

Stephen Wilson, SFSU


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