Week 6 reads

Man Machine Coupling

The extension of man to machine, machine to man, is increasing at an exponential rate parallel with the development of new technologies. Will we be intergrated so much as to be reliant on this technology?


Seeing with your Tongue

Substituting senses for other senses, innovated by Paul Bach-y-Rita utilizes electronic sensors. This redirection of senses with technology is furthering the idea of the cybernetic organism and how we can benefit from this. I can’t help but think that their is a direct connection to synesthesia with this technology. Would it be possible with this technology to heighten all our senses to the point where we can see sounds or associate colors with numbers?


Rosalind W. Picard

It is interesting how emotion technology is advancing. With high tech sensors such as the Kinect Two’s ability to read and translate facial gestures to the Picards skin conductive sensor to read brain activity were are better able to understand the human response. This measurement of human emotions can help us better understand and visualize what would be somewhat impossible without, such as people with Autism Spectrum Disorder. This data can Also be used against us. With the whole NSA controversy, if they were able to get this data from us that would be a cause for concern. For issues such as anxiety disorders we may better understand triggers of PTSD patients or even what helps calm them. Infact in any and every situation could potentially be measured such as race car driving or public speaking. By studying this data we can have a better understanding to how we react to these situations. But on the opposite end of the spectrum this data could also be potentially used against us.

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