Terra Incognita, an art event.

Terra Incognita is the ongoing collaborative project of Robin David and myself, Jeffrey Yip. The term was originally used by cartographers for regions not yet documented or mapped. We wanted to create an event where exploration and discovery were reintroduced into people lives through art. We recognized that the idea of play seemed to be lacking in our metropolitan surrounds. People are often very much focused on their 9-5 jobs rushing from location to another to meet our deadlines. It’s almost as if we forgot how much of a wonderment it was discovering our surroundings as children.  The Luggage Store’s Tenderloin National Forest was the perfect venue to reintroduce discovery, located smack dab in the middle of the Tenderloin.

Flowers by Robin Bird

Flowers by Robin Bird ~ Photo by Mamiko Inoue

The Tenderloin Forest, a once condemned alley, was essentially transformed into a community garden where public art, performances and various forms of experimental art projects now have a presence. We were fortunate enough to be able to highlight The Tenderloin National Forest’s existing beauty with our artistic vision. Our intention was to augment the space and create something magical, somewhere in between reality and the dream world. With our paper installations, use of LED lighting, projections, 3D prints, and various other elements, we converted the space and held a one night only art experience.

Robin bird's paper plant installations.

Robin bird’s paper plant installations. ~ Photo by Mamiko Inoue

On May 9th 2015, performer Salty Sherilyn started the night with some smooth beats as the sun was setting. All the LEDs were glowing, highlighting the paper installations as Jeffrey Yip and Robin David illuminated the forest tree with video projections. After the sun set The Trillions made their way up front and center, as the projections create a spotlight for these hip-hop performers. Terra Incognita places a rap show and an art show out of their traditional environments, adapting both experiences into a symbiotic relationship.

Projections on clouds  at Terra Incognita

Projections on clouds by Jeffrey Yip at Terra Incognita ~ Photo by Mamiko Inoue

The deeper you went, the more likely you would stumble upon various elements of this augmented forest. Plants from what seemed to be from outer-space, and small low-poly creatures elements inhabited the area. like a 3D Printed wolf, a large mystical dragon, and even a disco bird house equipped with micro bar and beer.

Low-poly 3D printed wolf at Terra Incognita Photo By Mamiko Inoue

Low-poly 3D printed wolf by Jeffrey Yip at Terra Incognita ~ Photo By Mamiko Inoue

The Terra Incognito crew did a wonderful job. There was everything you could have wanted for a one night even in a magical forest: live music, live art, and even food from Chef E-man G. I wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped throw the event and to all the volunteers that helped out! Thanks! Next stop, LA!

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